Beerenberg Tomato Cracked Pepper Relish (265g)

Beerenberg Tomato Cracked Pepper Relish (265g)

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Tomato. Pepper. Tomato. Pepper. The flavour hits like a Reg '1-2' combo. Reg reckons anything is better when you add a bit of punch. And this relish does exactly that.

Pair with: Cooked Meats, Burgers or Cheese & Crackers

Spoon it onto any cooked meat, add it to a burger or top off your cheese and bikkies. Pow! Your flavour combo is sorted.

Made from fresh, ripe Aussie tomatoes, this Tomato & Cracked Pepper Relish has a robust tomato flavour with a pepper punch. There’s nothing shy about this one and it’s a great addition to any dish where a little heat is the order of the day.