The Muesli Classic (500g) (Pre-Order)

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The Muesli Classic stands out among mueslis. Rather than rely on sugar, The Muesli Classic lets its raw natural ingredients deliver the deliciousness. So you get all the goodness and great taste, minus the sugar.Being 97-percent sugar free, The Muesli is indeed a rare treat. Most mueslis aren't quite as 'healthy' as you think, with many containing from 8-percent to 48-percent sugar.The Muesli's premium formula keeps it simple and sugar free -5 nuts, 4 seeds, oats, coconut and that's it. No added this or that, no mysterious numbers, nothing roasted, toasted, honeyed or sugared -just the best ingredients as nature intended.The One Line Rule is an easy way to keep sugar in check. On any nutrition panel, check one line, SUGARS. If it's more than 5g/100g (5-percent), move on. The Muesli passes with flying colours. The Muesli also boasts an impressive nutritional profile. High in protein and all-important good fats, it's so satisfying a small bowl gets you through to lunch. However you look at it, The Muesli Classic helps you get more value from every day. 97-percent SUGAR FREE 100-percent FLAVOUR