GF Oats Aussie Quick Oats (500g / 1kg / 2kg)

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Fast, Healthy and Gloriously Tasty!
Wheat, Rye & Barley Free
GF Rolled Oats will fill your bellies (with no rumbles) and warm your hearts!

GF Quick Oats are versatile and super delicious. They stand out for their commitment to quality, safety, and nutritional value, aligning perfectly with the needs of health-conscious people or those with dietary restrictions.

  • Free from Common Contaminants: Our unique processing guarantees no detected gluten contamination from wheat, rye & barley, making these oats a joy for sensitive stomachs.
  • Australian Quality: Proudly sourced from farmers in Western Australia. Our oats aren't just quick, they're quality, assuring you of the purest, homegrown goodness.
  • Safety First: We adhere strictly to the Global Oats Purity Protocol, which means every batch is independently tested right here in Australia. Rest assured, you're enjoying "The Oats You Can Trust."
  • Natural Processing: Our oats are sun-dried and chemical-free, with no GMOs. We’re committed to environmental and health-conscious farming, using minimal-impact techniques and allergen-free processing.
  • Convenient and Quick: Our Quick Oats are the time-savers of the breakfast world, cooking up in a flash for those bustling mornings. Perfect for creamy porridge, smooth oat milk, or overnight oats.
  • Soft & Digestible: Especially suitable for kids and the elderly, these oats are gentle on the palate and easy to chew and digest.
    Ideal for Oat Milk: Pair with our Oat Making Kit to create your own fresh, homemade oat milk — a delicious and nutritious dairy-free alternative.
    Make every breakfast a chance to nourish your body and delight your taste buds with GF Quick Oats! 



Compliance - Why we are 'The Oats You Can Trust!'

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Our Commitment to you
It is important to us here at GK Gluten Free Foods that we provide Australian consumers with oats that are free from contamination from the gluten that is found in wheat, rye and barley.

To ensure that we are providing you with “The Oats You Can Trust” we partner with our approved network of Australian farmers who follow the Global Oats Protocol growing clean, uncontaminated oats. Their oats are uniquely grown using minimal impact growing techniques and crop exclusion zones, and are processed in facilities that are free from the contamination from the gluten found in wheat, rye, spelt and barley grains.

Australian Labelling Laws
Current labelling laws in Australia and New Zealand restrict us from labelling any product that contains oats as gluten-free. Other countries around the world have different labelling laws that apply to uncontaminated oats.

Each batch of oats is independently tested by Symbio in Brisbane. The gluten test from Symbio is reported as <3ppm as this is the level of quantification for their testing. They use the R-biopharm test kit for gluten, which uses an antigen-antibody reaction to determine gluten levels.  <3ppm effectively equates to ‘0’ or nil gluten detected.  

Note: 2015 updates to the labelling laws now allow us to label GF Oats products as “Low Gluten”. Low Gluten simply means <20ppm which still doesn’t represent the purity of our product.

'Wheat free' Oats also does NOT represent the purity of our oats. As there is no formal definition of what 'Wheat free' means, it can be presumed that they are NOT free from Rye or Barley. We consider this to be a serious problem for customers.

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