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Niulife Mct Oil (500ml)

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Niulife Coconut Endurance Mct Plus+ Contains A Fuller Profile Of Mats Through Its Selection Of Plant-Derived Ingredients, Giving A More Sustained Energy Release Over 6 Hours - Twice As Long As Regular Mct Oil. Optimized For Ketones, Nonlife Coconut Endurance Mct Plus+ Rapidly Metabolizes Into Ketones. It Provides The Body With An Alternative Fuel Derived From Quality Fats Rather Than Sugar To Power Muscles And Organs Through Endurance Training. Fortified With Omega 3 From Chia, Camelina And Flaxseed Oils, It Can Also Help To Correct Omega Imbalances That May Cause Inflammation. Perfect For Triathletes, Marathoners And Other Endurance Athletes.

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